Lighting Control (ON/OFF, Dimming)

Control your light, transform your world. From simple wall-mounted dimmers to comprehensive lighting management software systems.

Lighting control systems serve to provide the right amount of light where and when it is needed. There are three types of lighting control systems. There are dimmers, sensors and timers.


Control fans and temperature on your phone and
it allows you to control the speed of the fan to
avoid unnecessary sound or speed it up.

Motorised Control

Remote control curtains can be drawn from left to right or right to left and from the center, as well. Motorized Curtain Track.

Gate Automation

Automatic swing gate automation is a style choice for your property. An automated swing gate makes your life more comfortable, easy and beautiful. Forget the inconvenience of having to open and close your gate manually

Air Conditioning

Home air conditioning control now you can control your air conditioning heating or cooling remotely. Turn your air conditioner on when you leave for work.

Geyser Automation

Geyser automation solutions let your home take care of you the smart. Smart phone for controlling Geyser turn ON/OFF from your phone.

Mobile Integration Control 4

Everything you'd expect from a video doorbell, and powered by the Control4 Smart Home OS, giving you more control. Can use Control4 interfaces, including mobile, touch screens, and even voice to control their smart home

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